thanksgiving day
November 13, 2008, 2:28 pm
Filed under: the little wonders in life

well, it’s my birthday. According to my dad, birthday is to celebrate your mum who has give birth to you. So, erm, okayy, thanks mum. I’m ceaserian baby, so it must be hard. And i always think children are out to waste the parent’s fortune away. So, it’s better not to give birth.
I asked my dad the other day why do u wanna have a baby and he said because the time is right to have a child. not too early not too late. oh, so they wanted a baby bcoz the time to settle down came. So, it’s as good as not having a baby. And anyway im not the only child, just that my brother passed away few months after he was borned. Maybe that’s why we came to singapore, because there aren’t much reasons for us to come to singapore. And it must be sad, since he’s a guy, i’m a girl. Normally people prefer guys than girls, well, i prefer none.

thank you to everyone who send me well wishes

my cg who gave me gigantic domo card and i really just cried bcoz it’s so touching. It looks perfect, and nice and perfect and nice and nice and perfect. It’s as touching as my sec2 birthday when i went to winnie’s house to watch doraemon but actually was a birthday surprise from the unit. I watched xiao wan zi in the end anyway, because xiao wan zi was in cantonese so it’s much funnier. And i got to eat B&J icecream too, must be expensive.

to chicken mushroom who painstakingly did some furry card for me

to jon and sara who give belgium choc. yar, it’s really insincere to give choc, but i don’t lack anything, so it’s quite hard to get me a present. The sincere part would be the wrapping:D although it’s newspaper wrapping, but it meant a lot, it’s really sweet of you two

and to my parents who gave me 28bucks as hongbao. I kept thinking why on earth they didn’t give 30bucks instead. But who cares,it’s better than 17bucks. OMG, i bet the money is the left over from the 50bucks after buying the birthday cake because it’s old notes. And usually four leaves don’t have new notes with them. (Four leaves is a bakery shop, my dad’s fav. But their cake sucks, which is why after i turned 16, i hated cakes)

And all the people who send me bday msgs that is really nice of you guys. especially those that sent at 12am, but maybe it’s because you didn’t sleep. But i slept like a pig after having a really bad time having stomach ache, slight headache, backache, hip-ache, a bit cold a bit hot, feel like vomitting but nothing to vomit out, and all that stuff. and my primary school teacher who faithfully remembered my bday, my exshepherd, my birthday twin, and two random people whom i have no idea who they are and never replied me back when i asked them who they are.

i’m still waiting for your well wishes. Or did you forget about my bday? I guessed in the end of the day, it doesn’t matter, just don’t forget God and his love for you, that’s one of my birthday wishes.


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hey birthday twin! hope you had an awesome birthday 😀

Comment by tracy

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