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November 14, 2008, 10:46 pm
Filed under: the little wonders in life

thanks to everyone who bought me presents and send me wellwishes on my birthday and after my birthday which is today.

the cg who is paying the rest of my camp fees. which is really hallelujah, bcoz i need to repay the debts and stuff. omg, akira, i can buy the kukukuma whatever thing for you, since it’s two bucks, and it’s debtfree soon for me:D Now, i can really understand how it feels when there was church building fund thing. Back last year, i feel nothing when i see the container on the nexus stage got filled up week by week by the coloured balls.

sandu, christina and janice who got me a pencil case that added to my whole collection of pencil caseS, A LOT OF PENCIL LEAD that came really timely because i never buy pencil lead, some very expensive looking eraser, highlighter and pen. SO nice of you guys. But don’t have to buy expensive stuff for me, i’ll ruin it. And thanks sandu for that doraemon card:3

jozette with that bag of stuff. the two pen, which are black, yay. the hp strap which i’ll wear it next year. and the blue sweet that looked poisonous. **

my fav akira and lauren with that nice pizza hut meal, oh, it must be expensive for you guys. maybe not lauren, since you spent 200bucks to buy a TH shirt>< unbelieveable, but you can wear more often, then i can keep touching it. the meal is nice, i like lasagne, bcoz garfield make it taste so yummmy.

and akira, lauren, sandy, jon q and david for the tshirts. OMG, very nice, seriously, touched touched. save my money from buying shirt, or from my mum nagging me to buy shirts. very nice. i’ll never buy it myself anyway. haha, very nice:D
akira, when you wear the yellow one,i can wear the white one \’0’/ so, lauren, you should get one too!

today, i packed one quater of my room and i found letters again. amelia’s letter flooded everywhere again, you and your colour pens and creative drawing. i saw my crush’s letter,read it again, then i went crazy for a minute before i realise i don’t like him anymore. then i saw jiemin’s marks and spencer christmas cards, and i wonder where is she now. i guess first shepherd always means a lot.

anyway, something miraculous happen in my life today, although it’s a very minor thing, but to me it’s kinda big.
seriously, playing squash is three times harder than studying for promos.
seriously, no joke.    
before i went to training, i almost wanted to cry. Because i was so scarced.
I prayed through, and survived through. oh, thank God thank God.

Hannah, your birthday is coming soon. Let’s celebrate it together:D say yes by telling me in msn kayy, you hippie rocker:D


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