November 23, 2008, 6:26 pm
Filed under: everything will flow

I always admire those people who could stay on to church although they are having a really bad troubles and what not. I never had those in my life before, but i could still be wavered, so really pei fu the brothers and sisters that stayed strong and do ministry together as if their lives are going well.

Thank God for the chat with Vanessa, it’s just really refreshing, although we didn’t talk much, more like we crap much. Because the way she talked in msn, i know she would stand firm:D haha, maybe that’s trademark of canoeist:]

My computer is back, but there isn’t the office word and powerpoint and what not. SO i couldn’t open the Chungking express lecture slides. Ahhh, i was waiting for the day to appreciate chungking express.

Yesterday my dad and i sat down together and watched the HGTG. omg, i thought it was some trash movie. But my dad told me that i gotta read between the lines. Huh? it’s pretty hard for a noob like me. I got the hang of it after sometime, at least i know that marvin wouldn’t turn to a happy andriod because his eyes was made in an inverted triangle. 

Marvin the not so marvouleus by monkeapple.

But my dad was right for everything else. Oh well, HGTG, to me, it’s quite trashy storyline, but there are some takeaways for sure. 

oh, and i’m doing decor in drama ministry for the ministry fair. awesome, it’s like perfect match to me. Since i’m better in decor than drama. I can use my cutting styrofoam skills, which i learnt back when i was in decor, again. YAY\’O’/

Watch the early morning sun
drip like blood from the day
See the pretty people run
so many games to play
See the blue suburban dream
under the jetplane sky
Sleep away and dream a dream
life is just a lullabyby
– Everything will flow, Suede


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