November 30, 2008, 9:13 pm
Filed under: everything will flow, sophron

i guessed joanne was right after all. When u never complete your cg, you would have a similarly hard time with the next one you go to.

Well, i thought it will never come true. Bcoz I don’t agree with people that easily, i rather i might just Don’t want to agree with people. I don’t know why as well, but working with my current shepherd, that’s the trend i notice ever since i was in secondary3.

I guessed it didn’t come true for Calean
But it was true for me.

The whole issue about being fearful and just reluctant to go out of comfort zone once again, because it seems that i know the ending. It’s possible but hard to get out. On saturday i could say that i would get out of the whole bermuda triangle and start harvesting. But when monday comes, it’s not only that you will get into the whole routine of life once again or get blinded in the midst of just doing things, it just difficult to know how to get out of that freaking bermuda triangle.

i used to wonder why is it so hard for some people to get out of their certain habits or have certain breakthrough that is seemingly easy to me.

I know why now. It’s hard to put it in words, but once you experience it, you will truly understand.

Oh well so what can i do now? i’m partial scarred.

Pray is the best remedy=) and Not being hindered by past experiences is one of the camp objectives=) It’s like going to camp to conquer the fear of camp. HAHA


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