ohh, that evil me.
December 4, 2008, 11:30 pm
Filed under: the calendar girl

OH evil me came to visit again. the calender girl who is in love with the world.

thank you denise for that enthuastic response to change my sentence, well, haha, maybe i should talk to you more to get back to my good english movement.
My english was so bad that i didn’t bother to read all that tons of comments ms young had on my first RL
ohwell, i pulled through my GP promos. HALLELUJAH (seriously, thank God)
so if anyone havent been passing GP, hey, i tell you now, even puiwah that person who got 25/100 (or smth near there, i forgot. but I RMB THAT I GOT A 7/30 FOR COMPO><) for english prelims when she was sec4 can pass her GP (through God’s grace), heyyo with God you can pass GP too. YAY\’0’/

today’s unit cg was fun and tortuous. omg, if i run 2km more, i think i’ll get asthma relapse. HAHA. aiyar, when physical stamina aren’t good, you just wanna accidentally get hit by a car go to the hospital and sleep. Well, God didn’t plan that for me. HAHA, i just had to crawl my way through. the people in my group are like some runners or smth like that. THEY NEVER PANT. okayy, maybe kangli did. BUT HEYY NOT THE REST.
which also means that all my judo trainings went to the drain. HAHA, but i still can do morote.

anyway, thats not the point abt this post. THE POINT IS
My family is like celebrating healthy week everyday. and to celebrate healthy week this week, omg, my dad bought some expensive high quality wheat oats from the supermart. omg, the worse is that you gotta boil to eat it, it’s not some instant thing. like one fine early morning i got hungry, grab some oats and hot water and eat it. YOU GOT TO BOIL IT-.-
and we’re like having some fruit soup feista. yesterday it was apple soup with apple and water and boil it in a pot ONLY. i don’t think they added rock sugar or what. it didnt taste nice, but i was thirsty, so i drink one big bowl of it. then today it was pear soup with pear and water and boil it in a pot ONLY. well, again, i don’t think my dad added anything extra. okayy, this time is was nice, bcoz it’s sweet. but i only got ONE CUP of it… i wonder whats for tml, maybe some watermelon soup? OHNO, i think it’s papaya. my mum bought one papaya today.
and i realise that after i went to jc, i never know how to spell tml again. so i try my best to avoid writing that in my essay. i use “the next day”.

and these days i get really bad dreams:/ okay, there was a good one ytdy, but it wasn’t like some ethically correct dream, so it’s as good as a bad dream. hey, i never had a good dream before. except the one that i dream that i was with my lover, but when i woke up i forgot how he look like. and then there was another one that i was hugging someone and the weather was nice, but when i woke up, heyy, i forgot why on earth was i hugging someone in a nice weather-.- i guess all my dreams are like God’s ways of telling me or warning me something, and that’s very true. Not that it will become dejavu, but like i get learning points from the dreams i have. hurhur, lame but true!
like ytdy’s ethically incorrect dream


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