“i’m a small motion accident?” -hear me out, Frou Frou
December 5, 2008, 8:11 pm
Filed under: everything will flow, my head will explode

sometimes, i wonder if i was less pessmistic, will i serve better in the Kingdom of God?
Today overheard the convo next table, and they talked about how a lot of people are also trying to get over the whole not-so-successful stories in secondary school’s cg. How she had to get over it as well, and she did. Although it’s hard but once you dwell, you are wasting time.
yea, i wasted almost a year. I’m like walking in circles around the promised land. The cg entered the promised land this year, but, did i went in?
Yea, few more weeks and it’s a year.
If i wasn’t that pessmistic, will all those experiences be stepping stones for me instead?

It’s true, your sheep is a perfect reflection of yours.
sadly, i guess she inherit all those part of me that i tried to cover and hide and forget about.
In my upper secondary school years, Mellissa never failed to tell me to stop being so busy or doing so many things at one time. When i got closer with Jinger, she said that i should just slow down, sec three christmas card, shepherdings, random talks, sec four christmas card and bday card.
But i never believed them when they say i was too busy.
Guess what, my current sheep inherit that dreadful part of me.

what could i do now?


and you! pray for me too! hahahaha. thanks:D


excuse me, too busy, you are writing your tradegies? so, let go. oh well, what are you waiting for? There’s beauty in the break down. -froufrou


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