December 7, 2008, 1:58 pm
Filed under: my favourite things, the calendar girl, the little wonders in life

reformatted comp, so i shall try this again.

1) The age you will be on your next birthday:
number eighteen by TheTruthAbout....

2) A place you will like to travel to:

3) your favourite place:
Singapore Art Muesum by The R-uh.

Singapore National Museum by Freimut.

new MUJI shop in TST by 華利.

i can’t paste the esplanade pic:/

4) your favourite food

ban mian by trains planes automobiles.

5) Your favourite pet:
like how i hate kids, i hate animals

6) Your favourite colour combination:

7) Your favourite piece of clothing:

those that puay wears

can’t find the one i like. the best is those without the cuttings that fit your body. so the best is go the springfield guys section and get that outer shirt. but too ex, can’t afford it.

and of course, POA’s clothes. love it.

8) your all time favourite song:
errr. when u listen to indie, you get expose to loads of genres all of the sudden.

AND how can i forget, my addiction of the year

chris must have hated me for singing this song all day long in class.

9) Your all time favourite TV show:
The NUMB3RS logo

10) The town in which you live:
what’s town? 

11) Your screen name / nickname:

never watched it before. but yea, joel thought that my name was felicity and i stared at cherie.

12) Your first job:

13) Your dream job:

but that really depends. but it’s along that line already.

14) A bad habit you have:

15) Your worst fear:
it differs now and then. that sorta thing. when im insecure, im afraid of everything. HAHA.

16) The one thing you will like to do before you die:

sow. harvest. disciple.
since all the other things, such as eating all the takopachi or keep on drawing, or go to art exhibitions, can be done in heaven. and i got loads of time to do it too.


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