December 8, 2008, 8:26 pm
Filed under: random

1. Who’s the person that tagged you?
Christina choy

2. Relationship between you and her?
ohhhh, you don’t wanna know! muahahahaa

3. Three impressions of her?
unique, caring and passionate

4. If she becomes your enemy, you will?
nah, don’t think so. Her tolerance level to my temper is rather impressive.

5. What will you say to the person you like very much?
I kinda like hint it out to him too loudly that time. and i think he got quite !!!. but that would never happen again, under the sound advice from mr lim.

6. Characteristic i like about myself?
well, hey im thifty. I give whatever i can to ppl and i pray chao hard you dont buy some expensive for me, bcoz wo dang dang bu qi. Like somebody bought me some japan calender, WHAT IF MY HOUSE GOT BURNT AND BURN THAT CALENDER. yknow. HAHAHA

7. Characteristic i hate about myself?
quite a lot. like im pessimist and my thoughts run wild too often.

8. For the person whom you hate, you say?
well, it depends huh. HAHA, God tell us to don’t bear grudges. heheh, seriously, since i bore grudges with some teacher of mine when i was sec two, and i got a super real dream that really told me not to bear grudges and blah. ANd i got good physics teacher in sec sch who taught me not to be bitter for too long.

9. What do people feel about you?
ugly. HAHHAHAHAHAHA. eh, serious loh, you ppl such as janice who are the rare ppl who use CUTE on me, but actl u are trying to say im ugly right. tsk. HAHAHAHA

10. Your crush?
got crushed! HAHA.

11. Pass this to 10 people.
wah, i hate this. HAHA. to those your name is here because i know who comes to my blog, haha.
1 my shepherd. whee
2 mellissa
3 jinger
4 denise
6 bernice
7 melvin
8 jocelyn ong:]
9 nathalie
10 siqi

12. If 5 & 7 were together?
-.- EX CRUSH got someone in mind already. right? hurhur

13. Who does 5 like?
HAHAHAHAHA. errrmmmm.. too bad, i don’t know. but i can always STALK you to find out!

14. What colour does 9 like?
striking colours

15. Say something about 8
ohh, my primary one monitress, hao gu ming, someone i admire, i really love to be with as friends forever that sorta thing, but you flew to america. Crushed her for three years, i thought i was a lesb. HAHA. that’s so unbiblical to say. HAHA. Whatever you taught me in primary school, i would rmb:D One of the first to influence me biblically, this pastor to be:]

16. Who is 2?
MY primary sch mate, secondary sch mate, enemy turned friends, ex cg mate, ex sheep mate, ex sheep, ex same cg, ex same unit, close buddy. Two years to go to celebrate our 10th year anniversary. woohoo!

17. Talk about 3
Know her through just saying a HI, and then “eh, you like edison chen ah? i also like edison chen eh… haha, you know jessica chan? she also like edison chen eh. HAHAHAH”. then came to church! woohoo! ex sheep, crazy person who go crazy with akira, and really a great blessing to have her around:]  

18. Who is 10’s best friend?

19. Who’s the sexiest among all 10?
my shepherd? hahaha. eh, you thin freak,i look like goliath when i stand beside you.

20. What colour does 4 like?
eearth colours maybe?:D

21. Is 4 single?
duhh. but covenanted with God already. inseparable:]

22. Your relationship with 1?
shepherd and cl

23. Are 5 & 6 best friends?

24. 9’s surname?

25. 7’s nickname?
hey melvin, you got a nickname? HAHAHAHHA. the msn nickname is melvin. how about that man. HAHAHA

26. Say something to 8.
For that three short years with you, it’s the best time in primary school, thanks sister. Can’t believe you can influence people even when you are in primary sch, HAHA. that great charisma in you!

27. Say something to help 9.
Continue influencing people around, and bringing joy everywhere you go

28. Who does 1 admire?
Esther? haha, she admire herself.HAHAHAHAAHAH

29. Where does 1 live?
besides the school

30. 10 of them know who you like?
i decided to stay asexual. HAHAHAHA

31. Say something to 6 when you see him/her.
XOXO, gossip girl. i know you love me.

32. 10’s spouse?
-.- HAHA

and to CHERIE, WOW, i think you purposely put my name on the 7 and that person’s name on the 5 right? HAHAHHAA


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