December 18, 2008, 12:24 pm
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hey it’s dongzhi again!
WOOHOO!!! yi nian yi du’s sumptous meal! woohoo, and i don’t know how to spell sumptous, what on earth?!
anyway, omg, so excited, too bad im not in hk, if not, WOOHOO IT”LL BE A EVEN BIGGER EVENT!!!!
it’s so exciting. although there’s only three of us, daddy mummy and i, but hey who cares. HAHA. it’s still exciting, not as exciting as christmas, but it’s exciting family day when i am SO GONNA BUY:
1. taiwan sausageS
2. errrr.. pork balls? as in like fishballs cousin, pork ball. like seriously
3. errr. sotong balls. HAHAHHA
4. chu qian yi ding –> which is also the high quality maggie mee we always eat!
5. SALMON! omg, salmon! hhahahaha, the big fat chuck of it, so freaking expensive but my dad cook it like free, i think it’s in his and my granddad’s genes, it didnt pass on to me, bcoz im very stingy. ohhh, salmon, those fresh salmon, just dip for 30seconds in the pot and take it out, OISHI NEH!!


seriously country sick eh. it’s like heard that bryan is going to hk, and im like OHMANNNN THEN WHAT ABOUT ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?! i also wanna go hk. and not just that, june WENT to hk, and i was like OHMANNNNNN WHAT ABOUT ME???!?!?!?!?! then bernice love went to hk for exchange trip, trivia went for band exchange trip, and i was OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMAAAAANNNNN!!!

ohman. Pastor shirls talk about going overseas and plant churchs and fufill the great commission, the only thing that comes to my mind is that i should go back home from overseas and start building the church strong in hk.
because HEY I’M literally IN OVERSEAS NOW !! I’M NOT A SINGAPOREAN. and HEY AKIRA, you are not a singaporean too right. HAHA, but it doesn’t really make senses, but my dream is to go back hk and disciple ppl there too:] although i dont know whats happening there. erm…

and i’m not going to be in the media and arts because it’s ban tong shui, only ppl like pete’s standard and above can take the arts education. AND im so not gonna be a teacher, you kill me and i wont want to touch kids. yew, what on earth make melvin think that i love kids. ohman, if marriage is to get kids, woah, im not going to marry, unless then years down the road something changed my mind, IF NOT, ohno, i will never be a teacher, counseller, canteen worker, school cleaner, staff, non-staff, or some kid ministry thing. although they are cute and childlike to GOd because they are really kids, and heyy, we must accept them and stuff like that, but heyy, if it’s a volunteery service SUCH AS THE SERVICE LEARNING, i will do all the backstage work and let you guys play with the kids.

and so what am i gonna be? haha, no idea. haha. how about auditor? haha, but for goodness i dont know what does auditor do. how about financial adviser, or, okayy, forget it. i don’t know. BUT i will never work in the bank and count money, the cashier look alike, and they are not called as bankers. ALL I KNOW IS, when i get $$, hey i will contribute to the camp fund. HAHA, stupid dream, but heyy, it’s doable once i get $$. camp fund is impt man, is VERY important especially when the group starburst near to the camp period. HAHA.

WOOHOO! then whats the bigger dream of mine? i wanna work in theatre!!! whether front stage, i can act, but really badly. i can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t play musical instruments, no talents, no nothing. HAHA. backstage!! i can’t do sound, lights, mm, makeup, stage manager or whatsoever. BUT I CAN BE in the costumes, the props, or the pao tui!!!! all i wanna do is to do that again, it’s wonderful. it’s so omg, i love that feeling back then when i was sec two, in the costumes section for the school musical in the NUS whatever whatever hall. although the aircon stinks and everyone kinda look quite snobbish to me and im like some loser running around, but heyy, i will never forget how i love that black stage, wooden floor, that wooden polished floor, the black stage, and hide in the corner putting the costumes, arranging the costumes, the black stage, oh, that blackstage:] ohhhhhhhhh:] and how is that gonna come true?-.- God knows. haha



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