December 18, 2008, 9:04 pm
Filed under: everything will flow, my head will explode

ohman, im so wasting my life that i can blog three times in a row today. I got nothing to do, and i didn’t feel like studying, although the econs book is opened for quite some time.
so i spend the day writing xmas cards.

tml is the christmas performance yo. im so excited,scarced, but excited as well. God is gonna do a miracle. i know it.

heyy jinger, we can always take it on the 24th:] or the next camp!
haha, camp was nice bcoz my shepherd decided to sacrifice herself and give me and siqi the two beds and she went to squezze with other ppl. Well, it’s not so healthy for me to share bed as well literally anyway. and it’s good that i sleep a lot, bcoz im not challenging anyone, and yar, haha.
but there’s so much that i can grow on. i didn’t open my mouth as much as i could and should during the camp, and that’s sad.
well anyway, i kept praying very very very very hard that i wont be cynical or skeptical or that word that says about a person who stereotype things very easily. yea, and i really wasn’t cynical or skeptical, i did on the third day night during the challenging part, so as they talk, i kept praying and praying and praying and praying that God will do smth in me.
i cried so much i thought im going to dehydrate.
the cg will grow:D
heard that vincent got 4more frens coming along:D woohoo. awesome!

chat with mell ytdy, and told her that i really couldnt remember anything good that happen in smss cg, if there was even any.
She told me to forget everything.
i couldn’t help it, i just cried.

yarr, i should just forget everything.

“the old has gone, the new has come.” -2cor5:17

God, make a difference tml! there aren’t anything for me to hang on already, only you.


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