December 22, 2008, 9:50 pm
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went to EXCRUSH’s blog, and woah, happening life:] she looks so happy:] 

amnesty international billboard. clever yo!

amnesty international billboard. clever yo!

these days has been struggling with (again) self created illusions. ohwell, sometimes i’m just so particular about surface stuff that i forgot God’s call for me to focus on the eternal things. 

MUAHAHAHA, and omg, haha might be able to meet my sheep tml! woohoo~
that’s why, it’s not that bad to do well in academics.  well, alot of people do well to meet up expectations. BUt i only got God and parents expectation to meet up. God don’t stress me, and parents, erm, i think all they want is an A for GP since they dont bother when i sorce well in all the other things besides GP (and that’s the results i have in promos anyway.)  and there isn’t really a reason why i study. i only study for two reasons. either glorify God or glorify myself. But the glorify myself part dont works, because i tried, and i got guilty after the holy spirit prompt me as if he’s spamming my mind. It’s wrong anyway. yarr, heyy, there aren’t other reasons anyway. what other reasons can you give? “oh, i wanna show jeremy that im clever yknow?” -.-  oh, come on! 
But then there’s another great advantage!! it’s easier to meet your sheep up. Because with God’s grace, she can say “heyy, can my friend come to my hse to study” then the parent might say “why can’t u study yr own?” then she can say “She can help me out a lot, because ____________ in class that’s why”
It’s easier to convince yo! okayy, fill the blank yourself, bcoz if i type it out, it will boost my ego too high and it’s bad for my health and behavior and what not.
still praying that can meet her tml!!:] 

AND today i saw shiyou!! omg, you dont know how happy i was. i was delirious! i still use that doraemon pencil case she bought for four of us in sogo last year:D


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hey girl! Merry xmas! have a blessed year ahead [:

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