December 26, 2008, 11:34 pm
Filed under: the calendar girl

withfelicity                                                            it’s such a beautiful surrender says:

OMG, there’s a fourth year?! what are you studying for? the things above the degree? muahaha, no lah, im 17,yknow? haha. im in tampines junior college, wahaha, not studying overseas, you are not in overseas right, i see your face a few months ago then i whisper shuyi, then noone reply then i grab my fren hide my face and walked away. AHAHHAA

Shuyi says:

oh! I haven’t seen u around, so i had the impression u were overseas or something! 

Shuyi says:

my course, life science got a 4th year =) it’s a 4 year thingie but can exit at 3rd year if i wanted also

Shuyi says:

a few months ago…

Shuyi says:

ah, please forgive me if I failed to notice you! that time

Shuyi says:

i remember seeing u before though

Shuyi says:

u have matured into a beautiful woman, quite different from the little girl of my youth times =)

Shuyi says:

so it’s possible I did not recognize u also

withfelicity                                                            it’s such a beautiful surrender says:

awwwwwwww you are are so generous with your words:3 im flying up in cloud nine (if that’s correct-.-) awwwwwww…. nah, i just look a bit uglier and fatter. muahaha, you push me and i can roll down like a bowling ball. awwww.. you deserve a xmas card:] too bad xmas is over, so i’ll send u a newyear card if i rmb:3 awwwwww…

OMG!!!! i totally just floated in my room. so sweet:] the ex-NJCian actually remember the sec2 saint margs girl who just keep tagging liping around in church:3 hey, was i even tagging liping that time? ohno, should be claire or stephanie, i only have a nanyang shepherd until i was sec three. muahahahaa 
as i was colouring my fifth xmas card, i realise it look weird. then i look back at the ben and jerry’s chunk fest phamplet. OMG I COLOURED THE BACKGROUND WRONGLY>< 

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