December 27, 2008, 8:48 pm
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[selfcontrol] a lot of things i want to know, to be involved and help. But i know it’s sophron i gotta have, let God do his work, not i try to do his work. When I can help, it will come, and what i will do now, is pray. 

[random] what Pete mentioned on tuesday was so true, about only the x’mas cards from your close ones really hit you hard. This year it really did impact me hard. Akira’s the first few sentence made my heart melt, what mell said make me teared.. i cried so badly in the bus after reading my shepherd’s card. Tried to control my emotions when i read calean’s card, but i started tearing when i read Joanne’s.  
ytdy i called mell to keep myself awake while colouring the one million and one cards, and yea, i feel so touched that you are watching twilight with me:] I know it’s as hard as telling me to go and play with kids. HAHA. we talked about the primary school days, ohh, those days weren’t that bad after all, and you remember that i got 225 for PSLE, you got 227. WAHHAHAHAHAA

[what do i want] yea, what do i want? we always sing about we wanna meet jesus face to face. But i never wanted to meet him face to face, because i afraid that after i see him for long, i’ll get sick of it HAHA. But i do have a new understanding to meeting face to face. It’s like i’m preparing myself and the others to the best for the big day to perform at the black stage:] yea, that’s what i’m doing:]


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