December 30, 2008, 9:41 pm
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[ From knowledge to wisdom. 

nourish your soul, keep feeding in the spirit.]

I guess i really did grab something out of the audio sermon today:] Didn’t know i could learn so much, but hope that i dont over rely them that sorta thing.
and the pastor said a lot of analogies. some really just hit me so hard until i can shout OMG in my room, but better not, bcoz my mum would thought that there was some cockroach in the room or what not.
anyway, one of the stories is about the cutting wood thingy. two guys competing would can cut more wood. at the end of the day, the guy that take all the breaks that he can get cut MORE wood than the guy that cut like crazy without breaks. 
then the work like crazy guy was like “heyy, I work so much harder than you, BUT why would it be possible that i cut less wood than you!!” 

[Ohwell, if you always hear ppl using analogy, it’s quite predictable that the guy that took more break cut more wood.Bcoz it’s always like that, but this is the \’o’/ part] 

then the guy which took more breaks said “yarr, i took more breaks than you. but do you know what i did when i was taking the break? [long pause] i was sharpening my axe!” 


This is like a really timely reminder. Did i sharpen my axe this break, am i planning to sharpen my axe the next break? 

“i can’t believe i never notice my heart before” -noticed, mutemath


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It’s very intresting information!!!
Thank you!

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