January 7, 2009, 10:54 pm
Filed under: sophron, whispered into your ear

I don’t have much troubles, i don’t live a complicated life, but i still havent clear up my life. Maybe it’s not meant to be clear. 
so for right now, there’s these things in mind:

yupp, just these. all those intangible self illusioned or self magnified stuff. 
before i start asking for more problems, bcoz everyone has loads of problems and i dont seem to have any tangible ones, and i dont seem to be growing this two weeks, i better open my spiritual eyes wide and big.  
God still the biggest yo.
if he’s with me, who can be against me? yeap, even cheung pui wah and her freaking brain.

If i can, i will drink a whole bottle of detergent to wash my brain clean, and a whole bottle of dettol to cleanse my deceitful heart. 


Determination. Dilligence. Peseverance. 

btw mr koh, paiseh, i rmbed yr bday wrongly-.- i thought i saw 6thjan what. i will send you the same msg again on sat kay. HURHUR. or you can reread that msg on sat, save my sms. HAHA


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