January 13, 2009, 7:07 pm
Filed under: the calendar girl

thank God for gin who found the solutions. Seriously, the whole of today afternoon while i was rollling on my bed, i was asking God and myself am i really going to go into the hall tml and sleep. Because i can’t do those three topics, plus i don’t have any tutors and what not for help. And sleeping in test is quite dreadful, today was dreadful enough (though i didnt sleep), HAHA, and if i sleep, i’ll get worse than what i got for that econs test i never intended to study. I got 30 for it that time>< WAHAHA.

WOOHOO God answer non spoken prayers, rather he answered my complaints >< by sending gin to tell me the solutions. 
Triple yay for that\’o’/ \’o’/ \’o’/ 

and this time round, i’m so not gonna watch youtube before the math test, bcoz everytime i did that, i got so distracted. LIKE TODAY, i was singing a lifetime and juicy by better than ezra in my head.-.- ANd i wanted to take the scissors to cut my hair off>< so i kept comtemplating how i should cut my hair or ask my mum to cut it or ask jozette to cut it, while doing the energetics. ohman, i really don’t know what to do with my hair T.T


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hahaha pew! you just made my fly! haha lol

Comment by Eugin

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