If we can just get thru this one
January 24, 2009, 7:11 am
Filed under: my head will explode

There must be something wrong with me, as if im living in an anarchy lifestyle. 


Went to Muesum today, woohoo, total blast. LOVE it yo. I wanted to walk to the personal life of singapore history, BUT when i got in there’s some eerie sounds from the recorder. okayy, forget it, i just followed the crowd of ITE students to the general path. -.- So dark, i was so scarced okayy. 
Then went to the COME-IN exhibition. WOOHOO even nicer. Got me thinking:]
So yupp, the excursion should be longer, but i was very tired lethargic and distracted (actually that’s everyday) so went home. But i’m gonna go to SAM one of these weeks! yea\’o’/

School should be nice and fun. Although my woman’s trouble have yet to come, I act as if someone killed my parents. :/ Sorry guys, I act like a foreigner in a familiar environment. 

CNY is near, but i got nowhere to bai! haha.

AND plus my dad is so xi xin these days, so scary. HAHAHA. and sweet:] monday- cooked breakfast for me. tuesday wednesday – drive me to school. thurs – bought my fav bai ku tei stall’s bai ku tei for dinner. fri – i forgot, i was too pissed over nothing and i went to bed and sleep from late afternoon till the next day:/


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