February 1, 2009, 8:42 pm
Filed under: my head will explode, the calendar girl

these days my serotonin is really low due to really silly reasons. It’s like i get really low then i couldn’t do anything so i stone for a while and i ask myself why can’t i just relax and know that God’s in control or rather just take it as that when it’s so trivia. This is really know that God’s in control in the brain but not in the heart. 
and it’s so lame that im saying this bcoz it’s so trivial.
Like what’s wrong with my brain, what’s wrong with me.
BUT i still couldn’t get out.

and today i was reminded about Jesus. He’s a carpenter although he has the power to do miracles and tell great parable, AND he is a carpenter. Why didn’t he say anything, like ask for a different job, instead of a carpenter. follow joseph and be carpenter (WAIT IS JOSEPH A CARPENTER? HAHA) yar, why? why? and WHY didn’t he even say anything like reject to be a carpenter and just be full time preacher or healer or whatever?
(heyy, no offence to carpenters. carpenters are cool people. my daddy is carpenter and he’s super smart. and you wonder why he remain as a carpenter. yar i don’t know too. )
Yea, it struck me, makes me think.
If this trivia matter of mine now can make me go low on serotonin, what would happen if God’s plan for me is to be a clerk in the future? right right? would i be able to say with faith that jeremiah29:11 is true?

So lame, i’m so lame. When i was in decor min. cutting stylofoam while others are painting(oh bcoz i can’t paint properly) , i didn’t even complain or grumble. and it turns out that it built my foundation of doing art and craft, it’s really impt actually. When i first got into tpcg i could do anything because i can’t do everything, and i didn’t even think that what i’m doing is so di. When i went to tpjc while almost my whole sec 4 class went to better schools, i didn’t think much and just went crazzy in tpjc with cm, and i wasn’t even mourning and praying that i will get to sajc. 

yea, i’m getting proud



Groove Armada -hands of time


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