February 4, 2009, 10:46 pm
Filed under: random

chatting with regine in msn, kinda pouring out to her and stuff (but there’s nth really much to pour out bcoz i poured out to God while showering and washing my clothes). and we talked, felt a lot better:] that’s what i really need for today. Thank God, and thanks regine<3 

and i missed judo days again. haha. so exciting to get thrown  to throw people and do groundwork. well but i hate sparring, since there’s a lot of guys and two girls. always spar with guys and i always lose. HAHA. so lame, i got so tired one of the weeks that i didn’t bother struggling and the guy got very tired also so we just wah yang around, hit a bit choke a bit move here and there, and the three minutes just passed by before sparring with another person.

ohwells, and tml there’s cg:] OMG YAR and got shepherding too. almost forgot. 
and fri there’s shepherd meet at old school. OLD SCHOOL for ShepM! so awesome! old school. I never knew that it was just one road away from SMPS. haha


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Haha thanks for the letter puiwah! See you tmr 🙂

Comment by Regine

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