February 4, 2009, 7:54 pm
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oh thet, i know why i didn’t notice your comment. It’s because there wasn’t any pop up for new comments anymore, I keep track of comments through popups anyway.

Today went to Ehub and watch bride wars with thet.  Wouldn’t say it’s brillant, it doesn’t make you think about stuff, but it’s a nice getaway. We got couple seats,  and I started lying on her shoulder when i wanted to pee or i was overly tired because i’m not used to sit for hours and stay awake. I seldom do stay awake. Thanks for the yoggy and sushi. But most of all, the movie date was great. 4 hearts for that ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 
well, there should be more hearts, but i felt rather low… so… yarr.
next time, we should go K together allrights. We will sing the tings tings and all those indie songs:3

 It felt weird after hearing what Phileas got to say about squash and all. About his commitment and wanting to really do smth but nobody seems to be doing anything. ANd i didn’t know how to react.
or rather, am i even FIT to react?
i can’t even do the warmups properly
don’t even mentioning about playing a game.
He asked about the girls team, who wanna  compete in it and fight for the chance.
what can i say?
and AM i even in the position to even say a yes or no?
I can’t even hit the ball properly.

you get it?
I know noone in squash will get it, because everyone can play.

This friday is the next training.

I ask God what to do, how to react, how to feel, what to think. I didn’t get anything. Maybe i didn’t even want to hear anything, that’s why. It’s only squash (and some of the times in ministry but last year i felt the most of it in squash) that i wish God will appear right in front of me and tell me what to do.  
No, i’m serious. Like right in front.
I don’t mind an angel also, just tell me what to do. Like speak into my ear and instruct me. or command me.  

sorry thet, didn’t mean to spoil the date together. I’ll treat you to yoggy next time, provided i bring extra bucks. 

 okayy, musemums. I’m going SAM next week. chris, are we still going ACM together? haha.


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hehehe its okay i still wuv you i’ve started updating my journal again (:

Comment by Einitar

Ey, next week? The next week is full of tests okay, like, Bio Trial SPA, Chem SPA Exam, GP Summary test, Bio Org and Control test (I think, because it’s Week 5). Faints*

Comment by christina

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