March 27, 2009, 7:13 pm
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couldn’t sleep well ytdy. either got a scary dream that freak me out, or just can’t sleep. anyways, i woke up chao-bin-ly. then my mother happily do the clothes and told me that there’s a muffin in the container and told me to eat it. and i chaobinly stared at her and chaobinly sit down. then i tie my hair and turn my head AND THE HAIR SLAPPED ME and it smelt weird, it always smell really disgustingly when it’s changing colour yew. it’s changing colour now anyway, i’m doomed. so, i got more chaobin, and the muffin has NO TASTE and i chaobined at my mum when she asked me is it nice. duh, not nice, so huge, where got people like to eat huge stuff? the only huge  stuff nice to eat is minced PORK and BEEF. rich people eat small stuff because it’s the essence of it mah. and the muffin taste like 90% flour plus water 5% yeast and 1% sugar. and we were listening to the radio as usual and they were talking about people wanting to work in casino. so i ask my mum why people want to work as those that give out cards but not doing management de. AND THEN she didnt know what’s management, and i forgot how to say it in chinese anyway. and i just …. sigh, chaobin chaobin.  

then the middle of the afternoon i feel xin fan, and went to lie on the bed , then i rmb what veronica said about you guys are able to complain about your parents, i couldn’t even do that because they are not around in singapore.



😦 i hope my mum or dad dont die today. they havent receive christ yet. they havent bring me back to hk and my father havent let me drive his truck and my mother havent bring me to china yet. i’m like chao scarced they will die today, or T might die today, or cg ppl die today, or people in my class die today, or my meh meh die today, or  mellissa  die today, or i die today. okayy, maybe i dont really care i will die today but im so scacred someone will die, because my mum used to scold me not saying goodbye properly to my dad and told me the story that there’s this boy who didn’t say bye to the daddy properly and that day daddy died bcoz of something and the boy very sad because didn’t even care about the daddy the very last time he saw him.

xin fan xin fan.

my mum buying minced PORK noodles and carrot cake for dinner. which means my dad is working OT. but actl, what OT do he have to do when he has freaking no business? then cut wood for what? AND WHY ON EARTH THAT FREAKING SCHOOL PAPER SAYS THAT MY FATHER IS A CONSTRUCTION WORKER? he’s carpenter okay. nobody calls jesus a construction worker okay, he’s a carpenter can.


March 26, 2009, 11:19 am
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DENISE! yeap, there was the superheroes exhibition. nic and i went there like at 5pm, so it was like 1hour before it closed can. AHAHA. but then on the month of april or may, there’s another exhibition on movie stars i think, SO COOL, if only we can go to the museum then, but by that time, i change my shepherd already. HAHA. I bet there must be a stamp with marilyn monroe or james dean. heh

exams, ohman..
GP  😦
maths 😦
chemistry 🙂
bio 😦
econs :/ -> it would have been 🙂 if i didnt mixed up those price elasicity and total revenue graph as well as reading ugly chinaman’s email before the exam.

went to watch chun li with chris and sandu. there’s only like four things in my mind:
1. very scarced the cracking limbs sound
2. very sleepy
3. why didn’t i freaking write faster and finish my bio paper
4. when is the movie ending

My house got this freaky one jar of disgusting bee pollen that cost DISGUSTINGLY expensive from thailand. but none of us wanna eat it because it taste uber yeww. BUT my dad said they bought it for me, bcoz it’s good for people with sinus. (whatever can. yew. my dad dont even eat it, i bet he knows it’s uber super duper whooper disgusting) THEN this year my mum went to buy high class expensive creamy honey and it tasted nice, so we mixed the honey with disgusting pollen and eat it yew. so one day,
me : where’s the pollen neh?
she took it from the freezer
mummy: take some honey for me too
me: …
THEN from the cupboard she took a china spoon out
me: yew you wanna eat so much pollen meh (i was holding the small plastic teaspoon)
mummy: no, this spoon is for you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
so jian can. eat so much pollen i will die after tongue rotten-ing.  yucks

then another time, we were watching this tv variety show about some father at home thing:
me: yew, why the mother wear until so exposed, not as if she suits this type of stuff that shows the whole cleavage 
mummy: yar
then the show showed the family’s kids
me: wah they chao dark when the mother is chao pale. the girl quite pretty, heh. but the boy, yew, looks weird, don’t look like siblings neh.
mummy: bcoz the girl looks like father, boy looks like mother mah

these days my daddy changed his driving route to bring me to school. and WOOHOO we always passed by the long tunnel before we reach the expressway SO EXCITING! my favourite tunnel can. but if they can change the white light to yellow light then there would be more FEEL-ING. HAHAHAHAHA

March 16, 2009, 9:52 pm
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March 15, 2009, 10:13 am
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HAHAHA heyy bestie! hopes you are doing well in ACSIB neh. like a million years since i saw you. i bet you got tanner. hahaha. the last time i saw you was in facebook how sad is that man.

ohwell and denise, yeapyeap, i will so gonna blog it, but no pictures to post because LG just so sucky that its hard to connect to the computer, or rather my daddy’s laptop because my comp died after i reformatted it. AHAHAHA. I will so gonna blog about the stamp museum trip kayy. HAHA

these days my daddy very sweet to me, i guess he couldn’t stand it that i always chao bin early in the morning, because i always look like im attending the funeral in the morning. So he silently offered to drive me to school! OMG so waste petrol can. but he did that although petrol is expensive, just so that her daughter wont chao bin the whole morning and get sufficient rest:3 ohhh…. so sweet. while other people complaining their parents blahblahblah, i got about nth to complain about my daddy and mummy and they give me more than i need. 
and i realise daddy knows me well. on sat went home for dinner as per usual, then that freaking tv was showing that freaking idiot dinosaur show AGAIN. so i was like complaining how stupid it is so much that i actually know who gonna die and im so disensitise about it. i just stare at the tv. and the girl was like dying because she’s felling off the cliff, and i told me mum that oh that woman is so gonna die hahahaha. HAHAHA. mummy must be thinking why her daughter getting so sadist these days. then i get very bored with all those dinosaurs and i suddenly thought of some very scary evolution movie i watch w my dad on one of the sundays and this idiot dinosaur park movie. SO i wanted to ask daddy which one more scary. BUT i dont know whats the name of the evolution movie. AND it took me so long to explain can. I just said in canto: “eh, you think which movie scarier. this one or the other one. (and long pause to think how to explain in canto. then i pause for very long as if im mute and my dad stared at me and i waited to think of the words then I REMEMBER THAT MY DAD UNDERSTAND ENGLISH LOH it’s not as if im talking to my mum oh so i can speak in english hahaha what on earth) that one which EVOLUTIONISE then everything goes very fast then got a lot of trees then got TIME MACHINE and they took a BUTTERFLY from the past then after that got a lot of WEIRD stuff come out like DINOSAURS and blah” [btw, all the capitalised words are in english, the non capitalised words are in canto] and then i waited and i said “DARN, wo zhao ji dou ni erm ji wo kon gan mud ye loh. IT IS mud mud mud THUNDER mud mud SOUND ge. erm ji mud mud mud yao DINOSAUR gou ye le”
and he said: wo ji dou lie kon mud lah. that one kon bu D.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH omg he actually understand can. in this whole earth nobody really understand what i saying because a lot of things go through my head and i cant verbalise things properly. so up till now only God daddy and cm really understand my language. HAHAHAHA

i can’t find the chinese function thats why  cant type that out in chinese. ohwells

haha, these days my results dropping like free woh. HAHAHAHA die! hahaha

March 8, 2009, 11:22 pm
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THET is gonna go to SAM with me next monday!! WOOHOO~

March 8, 2009, 10:27 am
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i kept thinking how on earth im gonna react for PW. like quite scarced nehh. PW is those stuff that i can’t do it properly, because i can’t write stuff properly and young always had to kindly tell me that i can’t write a sentence like that and blahblahblahblah.
and i kept thinking those days with ade grace and sandu when i chao hack care about PW bcoz basically there isn’t much to be choleric about. grace is like floating around, ade just either draw or do notes, sandu play hp games or dazed and i will just hahahah wait for someone to sms me and sms back.
and let say i didn’t get good grades for PW what i would react. would i regret? ermm, actually i can’t regret because there’s really NOTHING to be choleric about in PW i can’t do ANYTHING much more because who on earth with the right mind would give a group to do a fake project with only presenting and reports in a span of ONE WHOLE YEAR? so much time for what?
ohwell, but i love the time in PW, because i just took the time to playy and try out different ways to structure my sentences (although it’s wrong all the time) in the reports. and my groupmates, simply as slack as me or maybe i’m the slackest. (but you see, when you are the slackest, you don’t know.. haha) and we just play and we don’t really refine our work as much as others because there isn’t much to refine. ohwell. HAHA
I really dont know what to react:/ but whatever it is, i’ll give all of you guys a hug. because when people thing PW sucks to the core, yar the thing made into a subject sucks, taking away all my afternoons sucks, redoing some project reports that would never be done in reality sucks, but the company was great:]

ytdy after service, chatted with jessie and her dreams:] so sweet:] THEN ying steph and i went to PS to buy drinks.
and ying said: eh, i always think abigails very ugly (she meant the people with that names)
I said: no woh, got abigails that are very pretty
she said: ohh, i always thought you was abigail. when i saw you, i expected you to say that your name is abigail, but your name is puiwah.
(and she gave me that freaking look she always give, which is -.-)
and i was like: WHHHHATTTTTTT THHHHHHHEEEEEEEEE HHHHHACCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 -.- sigh, maybe that’s the very reason three weeks after orientation, prettyboy waved to me. HAHAHAHHAHAHA three weeks lehhh!!
maybe i should go and have some liposuction on the face and tummy. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.

March 7, 2009, 9:08 am
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NUS business admin accountancy needs AAAA or the tenth percentile is AAAB.

And they take in 133 people. HAHAHAHAH. Goshhhh


sian, why is accountacy so hard huh? haha. ytdy got back chinese results, then headed straight to the hall with sandu. ohwellls, i dont really know how to read the figures on the slides, so all i know is that it’s very hard to get into NUS BAA. heheh.
Next week we are getting back our PW results, i don’t know what to expect and stuff.
And from now on, i don’t know how on earth i would be studying. I’m so scared that i’ll go crazy to study. hehe. might happen.
i kept thinking and thinking what if like history repeats (which is like the last year in the school i would start failing everything besides chinese), and kept asking God how on earth can i react normally and don’t live just to study and get a cert for the rest of this year. 
and yeap, i got my answer already. Got reminded of what Daniel said about he gotta always remind himself of the motives of what he is doing. Yea, i gotta do that too, if not i would be wasting my two years in JC that God put me in. It’s more than just studying and excelling, it’s more than just getting nice friends around, more than able to see prettyboy in school..

yeayeayea. WWJD? and i would do the same.

okayy, finally NUS BAA  takes in AAAB as a 10th percentile. heheh.

i’m thinking of going SAM this monday, anybody wanna go with me:] the entry fee is four bucks btw.