March 7, 2009, 9:08 am
Filed under: the calendar girl

NUS business admin accountancy needs AAAA or the tenth percentile is AAAB.

And they take in 133 people. HAHAHAHAH. Goshhhh


sian, why is accountacy so hard huh? haha. ytdy got back chinese results, then headed straight to the hall with sandu. ohwellls, i dont really know how to read the figures on the slides, so all i know is that it’s very hard to get into NUS BAA. heheh.
Next week we are getting back our PW results, i don’t know what to expect and stuff.
And from now on, i don’t know how on earth i would be studying. I’m so scared that i’ll go crazy to study. hehe. might happen.
i kept thinking and thinking what if like history repeats (which is like the last year in the school i would start failing everything besides chinese), and kept asking God how on earth can i react normally and don’t live just to study and get a cert for the rest of this year. 
and yeap, i got my answer already. Got reminded of what Daniel said about he gotta always remind himself of the motives of what he is doing. Yea, i gotta do that too, if not i would be wasting my two years in JC that God put me in. It’s more than just studying and excelling, it’s more than just getting nice friends around, more than able to see prettyboy in school..

yeayeayea. WWJD? and i would do the same.

okayy, finally NUS BAA  takes in AAAB as a 10th percentile. heheh.

i’m thinking of going SAM this monday, anybody wanna go with me:] the entry fee is four bucks btw.


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