March 8, 2009, 10:27 am
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i kept thinking how on earth im gonna react for PW. like quite scarced nehh. PW is those stuff that i can’t do it properly, because i can’t write stuff properly and young always had to kindly tell me that i can’t write a sentence like that and blahblahblahblah.
and i kept thinking those days with ade grace and sandu when i chao hack care about PW bcoz basically there isn’t much to be choleric about. grace is like floating around, ade just either draw or do notes, sandu play hp games or dazed and i will just hahahah wait for someone to sms me and sms back.
and let say i didn’t get good grades for PW what i would react. would i regret? ermm, actually i can’t regret because there’s really NOTHING to be choleric about in PW i can’t do ANYTHING much more because who on earth with the right mind would give a group to do a fake project with only presenting and reports in a span of ONE WHOLE YEAR? so much time for what?
ohwell, but i love the time in PW, because i just took the time to playy and try out different ways to structure my sentences (although it’s wrong all the time) in the reports. and my groupmates, simply as slack as me or maybe i’m the slackest. (but you see, when you are the slackest, you don’t know.. haha) and we just play and we don’t really refine our work as much as others because there isn’t much to refine. ohwell. HAHA
I really dont know what to react:/ but whatever it is, i’ll give all of you guys a hug. because when people thing PW sucks to the core, yar the thing made into a subject sucks, taking away all my afternoons sucks, redoing some project reports that would never be done in reality sucks, but the company was great:]

ytdy after service, chatted with jessie and her dreams:] so sweet:] THEN ying steph and i went to PS to buy drinks.
and ying said: eh, i always think abigails very ugly (she meant the people with that names)
I said: no woh, got abigails that are very pretty
she said: ohh, i always thought you was abigail. when i saw you, i expected you to say that your name is abigail, but your name is puiwah.
(and she gave me that freaking look she always give, which is -.-)
and i was like: WHHHHATTTTTTT THHHHHHHEEEEEEEEE HHHHHACCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 -.- sigh, maybe that’s the very reason three weeks after orientation, prettyboy waved to me. HAHAHAHHAHAHA three weeks lehhh!!
maybe i should go and have some liposuction on the face and tummy. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.


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Hello Puiwah! It’s been a while mansxz, how you doing? :]

(coughs prettyboy eh) 😀

Comment by Melodie

heyy! haha i tagged you back on my blog.. heehee. (:

Comment by liqin

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