March 15, 2009, 10:13 am
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HAHAHA heyy bestie! hopes you are doing well in ACSIB neh. like a million years since i saw you. i bet you got tanner. hahaha. the last time i saw you was in facebook how sad is that man.

ohwell and denise, yeapyeap, i will so gonna blog it, but no pictures to post because LG just so sucky that its hard to connect to the computer, or rather my daddy’s laptop because my comp died after i reformatted it. AHAHAHA. I will so gonna blog about the stamp museum trip kayy. HAHA

these days my daddy very sweet to me, i guess he couldn’t stand it that i always chao bin early in the morning, because i always look like im attending the funeral in the morning. So he silently offered to drive me to school! OMG so waste petrol can. but he did that although petrol is expensive, just so that her daughter wont chao bin the whole morning and get sufficient rest:3 ohhh…. so sweet. while other people complaining their parents blahblahblah, i got about nth to complain about my daddy and mummy and they give me more than i need. 
and i realise daddy knows me well. on sat went home for dinner as per usual, then that freaking tv was showing that freaking idiot dinosaur show AGAIN. so i was like complaining how stupid it is so much that i actually know who gonna die and im so disensitise about it. i just stare at the tv. and the girl was like dying because she’s felling off the cliff, and i told me mum that oh that woman is so gonna die hahahaha. HAHAHA. mummy must be thinking why her daughter getting so sadist these days. then i get very bored with all those dinosaurs and i suddenly thought of some very scary evolution movie i watch w my dad on one of the sundays and this idiot dinosaur park movie. SO i wanted to ask daddy which one more scary. BUT i dont know whats the name of the evolution movie. AND it took me so long to explain can. I just said in canto: “eh, you think which movie scarier. this one or the other one. (and long pause to think how to explain in canto. then i pause for very long as if im mute and my dad stared at me and i waited to think of the words then I REMEMBER THAT MY DAD UNDERSTAND ENGLISH LOH it’s not as if im talking to my mum oh so i can speak in english hahaha what on earth) that one which EVOLUTIONISE then everything goes very fast then got a lot of trees then got TIME MACHINE and they took a BUTTERFLY from the past then after that got a lot of WEIRD stuff come out like DINOSAURS and blah” [btw, all the capitalised words are in english, the non capitalised words are in canto] and then i waited and i said “DARN, wo zhao ji dou ni erm ji wo kon gan mud ye loh. IT IS mud mud mud THUNDER mud mud SOUND ge. erm ji mud mud mud yao DINOSAUR gou ye le”
and he said: wo ji dou lie kon mud lah. that one kon bu D.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH omg he actually understand can. in this whole earth nobody really understand what i saying because a lot of things go through my head and i cant verbalise things properly. so up till now only God daddy and cm really understand my language. HAHAHAHA

i can’t find the chinese function thats why  cant type that out in chinese. ohwells

haha, these days my results dropping like free woh. HAHAHAHA die! hahaha


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moooo!! haha i understand your language? really? it’s not too difficult understanding your trend of thought what! just need to work thru the highness. HAHA. well i cant really understand your last post cos it’s half canto. hahaha

Comment by cm

haha your dad is funny. 😛

I went to the stamp museum!! they had the superheros exhibition right.. heh.

Comment by denise

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