March 26, 2009, 11:19 am
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DENISE! yeap, there was the superheroes exhibition. nic and i went there like at 5pm, so it was like 1hour before it closed can. AHAHA. but then on the month of april or may, there’s another exhibition on movie stars i think, SO COOL, if only we can go to the museum then, but by that time, i change my shepherd already. HAHA. I bet there must be a stamp with marilyn monroe or james dean. heh

exams, ohman..
GP  😦
maths 😦
chemistry 🙂
bio 😦
econs :/ -> it would have been 🙂 if i didnt mixed up those price elasicity and total revenue graph as well as reading ugly chinaman’s email before the exam.

went to watch chun li with chris and sandu. there’s only like four things in my mind:
1. very scarced the cracking limbs sound
2. very sleepy
3. why didn’t i freaking write faster and finish my bio paper
4. when is the movie ending

My house got this freaky one jar of disgusting bee pollen that cost DISGUSTINGLY expensive from thailand. but none of us wanna eat it because it taste uber yeww. BUT my dad said they bought it for me, bcoz it’s good for people with sinus. (whatever can. yew. my dad dont even eat it, i bet he knows it’s uber super duper whooper disgusting) THEN this year my mum went to buy high class expensive creamy honey and it tasted nice, so we mixed the honey with disgusting pollen and eat it yew. so one day,
me : where’s the pollen neh?
she took it from the freezer
mummy: take some honey for me too
me: …
THEN from the cupboard she took a china spoon out
me: yew you wanna eat so much pollen meh (i was holding the small plastic teaspoon)
mummy: no, this spoon is for you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
so jian can. eat so much pollen i will die after tongue rotten-ing.  yucks

then another time, we were watching this tv variety show about some father at home thing:
me: yew, why the mother wear until so exposed, not as if she suits this type of stuff that shows the whole cleavage 
mummy: yar
then the show showed the family’s kids
me: wah they chao dark when the mother is chao pale. the girl quite pretty, heh. but the boy, yew, looks weird, don’t look like siblings neh.
mummy: bcoz the girl looks like father, boy looks like mother mah

these days my daddy changed his driving route to bring me to school. and WOOHOO we always passed by the long tunnel before we reach the expressway SO EXCITING! my favourite tunnel can. but if they can change the white light to yellow light then there would be more FEEL-ING. HAHAHAHAHA


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YO PEW hahaha.
Hahaha you know what, the Bio paper right, it is like taken from other school’s PRELIM papers and the questions are EXACTLY the same gosh. Even essay hahaha. But oh wellz it’s over! Results next week hahahaha =D

And oh you guys went to watch Chun Li hahaha. How was the movie LOLZ!!!

Ok. See you in school. Hahaha BYEEEZ. Feeling randommmz.

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