March 27, 2009, 7:13 pm
Filed under: my head will explode

couldn’t sleep well ytdy. either got a scary dream that freak me out, or just can’t sleep. anyways, i woke up chao-bin-ly. then my mother happily do the clothes and told me that there’s a muffin in the container and told me to eat it. and i chaobinly stared at her and chaobinly sit down. then i tie my hair and turn my head AND THE HAIR SLAPPED ME and it smelt weird, it always smell really disgustingly when it’s changing colour yew. it’s changing colour now anyway, i’m doomed. so, i got more chaobin, and the muffin has NO TASTE and i chaobined at my mum when she asked me is it nice. duh, not nice, so huge, where got people like to eat huge stuff? the only huge  stuff nice to eat is minced PORK and BEEF. rich people eat small stuff because it’s the essence of it mah. and the muffin taste like 90% flour plus water 5% yeast and 1% sugar. and we were listening to the radio as usual and they were talking about people wanting to work in casino. so i ask my mum why people want to work as those that give out cards but not doing management de. AND THEN she didnt know what’s management, and i forgot how to say it in chinese anyway. and i just …. sigh, chaobin chaobin.  

then the middle of the afternoon i feel xin fan, and went to lie on the bed , then i rmb what veronica said about you guys are able to complain about your parents, i couldn’t even do that because they are not around in singapore.



😦 i hope my mum or dad dont die today. they havent receive christ yet. they havent bring me back to hk and my father havent let me drive his truck and my mother havent bring me to china yet. i’m like chao scarced they will die today, or T might die today, or cg ppl die today, or people in my class die today, or my meh meh die today, or  mellissa  die today, or i die today. okayy, maybe i dont really care i will die today but im so scacred someone will die, because my mum used to scold me not saying goodbye properly to my dad and told me the story that there’s this boy who didn’t say bye to the daddy properly and that day daddy died bcoz of something and the boy very sad because didn’t even care about the daddy the very last time he saw him.

xin fan xin fan.

my mum buying minced PORK noodles and carrot cake for dinner. which means my dad is working OT. but actl, what OT do he have to do when he has freaking no business? then cut wood for what? AND WHY ON EARTH THAT FREAKING SCHOOL PAPER SAYS THAT MY FATHER IS A CONSTRUCTION WORKER? he’s carpenter okay. nobody calls jesus a construction worker okay, he’s a carpenter can.


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