April 26, 2009, 9:03 pm
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lao jiao syndrome. that’s me. so straightforward. there isn’t even a place to hide my face and trying to point to someone else and said that it’s him or her and not me.
But the thing is, it’s really me.
Can’t deny. talk about passion. talk about eagerness. talk about  that spark. nowhere to be found. I find fatigue, i don’t know when on earth it start accumulating, but yupp, it’s accumulating.
gotta take the change. but more than that, sustain the change. how long can i sustain, i dont even want to predict. just as long as I can go for sure.
to think about it is just so sigh-ed. but gotta start.

i’ll still be cui tml for sure. once GP comes, i will nuai away and sian. But there will be a change. just persist on. And pray pray pray that i dont lose faith. 

okayy, adrenalin rushing time of the year again, thank God this happen before camp. woohoo


April 22, 2009, 1:58 pm
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Joz was right, i really have Thalessemia Minor. I don’t even have to check the chinese name of it, because the associated illnesses with Thalessemia Minor is asthma and mood disorders. I have both of them, just that the second one is not an illness for me. okay, maybe it is since i can change faster than i eat a bowl of rice. OHwells.

April 7, 2009, 4:59 pm
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OMG damn funny HAHAHAHAHAHA the second part more funny. omg, it’s the one with jin and kame and kame said why not we hold hands. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. then the third part with noone i like, joyman came out and said “I am takagi, or am i a shapeless snail” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

L’Arc~en~ciel on Cartoon KAT-TUN (2007.11.28) Part 1 of 2
April 6, 2009, 5:54 pm
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this week is so :B
April 5, 2009, 9:44 am
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上班族港鐵色狼多 11歲最年輕

WAHH. eleven years old molester, yew. thank God singapore’s mrt is not that squezzy. if it is, i wouldn’t wanna take the mrt man, hot stuffy and stinky.

daddy cooked black stinky tonic ytdy. i almost died. hahahahahahaha. and then we were having family discussion
me: will the stuff in showroom be sold? (which means when i buy a flat, will i get the things in the showroom)
daddy: of course not (then he gave me why are you so stupid face)
mummy: when are you going to earn enough money so we can live in condo
anyway,she was talking to me
me: i wouldn’t buy an unit in the condo. yew, so stupid. if i don’t use the swimming pool, the gym i still have to pay for it. i still have to pay for security guard, why on earth would i need a security guard, not as if singapore is some dangerous place
MY DAD SAID: then u just buy a room just enough to put a bed lah.

HAHAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAA omg, in english is not funny. it’s SUPER funny when he said it in canto. it’s chao chao chao chao funny hahahahahaahhahah. it’s like watching the election movie ytdy, there’s absolutely no kick watching it in chinese.

 Kami no Shizuku by pabloyuba.
Watched this and yuuri on fri and sat, plus a bit of yukan club which i stopped watching after sometime because i got bored of it. awww, kame, so huggable can. hahahahah.