June 24, 2009, 11:22 pm
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Met T today at bugis Mos and the feeling was great.
Didnt do much, didnt want to do or say much either.
I just loved her presence around and didn’t wanna spoil it with all the talking, the ranting, or nostalgic htht. 
that’s all.
It just totally brighten up the whole of the week, or actually, the hols.


Takuya Kimura X Kamenashi Kazuya
June 9, 2009, 4:44 pm
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In mr brain, OMG THEY ARE ACTING TOGETHER!!!! i almost scream at home when i saw this okayy. HAHAHHA. Grace told me that kimura is acting in new drama and told me to watch it, but i forgot the link she told me to go. So i went to youtube. AND REALISE THAT KAME IS THE GUEST OF THE THIRD EPISODE! what a pleasant surprise please. ohman! so wanna watch, i wonder when it would come out. hurhur. it’s kimuraXkame yo.

June 5, 2009, 11:01 pm
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i spent three days of excessively being moody about stuff. man,that’s bad,i don’t wanna pull long face when i meet people. I didnt go out on thurs and tue, that was a super bad idea bcoz the whole day i didnt do anything except sit at home and have the lets-all-cry-and-die feeling. ohwell, hormones disorder maybe. HAHAHAHAHAHA. i wonder how God can tolerate the perculiar side of me, it’s a  pathetic sight for sure.

today’s district meet was nice. went to weien’s house and flip french toast. weien vincent and me. okay,i feel like i’m a guy too. hahaha  And all i do is flip flip flip flip flip flip flip flip flip. I don’t know why, but it’s fun, the oil container felt like it’s melting.
then took the train and saw that awefully beautiful card made for karen. It’s super sweet and beautiful, woah woah woah, and chen ji grab a few tips from kim. I wanna go these nice, well-elaborated cards too!!!!!!!!! okay yar, hur. then got kids, so cannot sit anymore. hahaha. i shouldnt have sit in the first place, bcoz everytime i sit the train, three quarter the time there must be kids coming into the train, and needa stand up to let them sit, if not with their petite body they will fall, hit the pole, bleed and die (no sacrasm seriously). so small, they look like they will break anytime.
at west coast park, woohoo siqi came, and we got split into groups, woohoo same group with jinger. it’s like a xujiu time please, it’s like a million years since i talked to her, and always talk to akira, and omg where on earth is lauren today? ruying aint here too. ohman, if only i still have my msn, then i wouldnt feel that i am totally disconnected with hannah and marie.

AND everyone im pid-ing is coming tml!!! im so happy, MUJIFIED:3

oh, and guess what my dad cooked today. it’s the food that the three bears (are they called three bears, i dont read storybooks, so i dont really know who are they, i only know how they look like) ate.
it’s oatmeal porridge.

i’m watching the design A-Z in channelnewsasia every tuesday these weeks, it’s awesome yo. then the documentary of the week in CNA last last week was good to watch too, about fame and stuff, and they asked a member from the tang quartet, he looked animated. hahahaha.