July 1, 2009, 8:10 pm
Filed under: the calendar girl

exams are over by wednesday. man, went out of the hall feeling so exhausted. and seriously didnt like ytdy, bcoz it was really bad. But i went out with chris right after chem paper, so i didnt think that much, yea, seriously thank God.
Went to watch transformers, zzzz. Fox is hot, love the songs new divide and never say never. Sound effects arent that awesome, screen small, dont like that green day song (is it called 21guns? ermmm), movie overly long, i get so distracted so easily. i bet chris wanted to kill me bcoz i kept making comments, man, this kinda movie that dont get me to the edge of my seat, i just gotta talk to make me stay alive and hyped up to watch movie.
daddy is right, some people these days, arent for the movie theatre any more. I so gotta agree.

Wanted to get a nap, but i couldn’t sleep. ohwell, went to watch Anna SUI, Dominique Sirop and Shanghai Tang fashion shows. Man, i totally love the pure asian models. they are just simply beautiful. Don’t know what makes them attractive, but they are just attractive. i’m not attractive. whoo….

heard that monday is youth day. does that mean holiday? hurhurhurhur

akira say that her exams end next thurs-.- man, mine ended today. I wanted to eat popeye together, or maybe just sit at some cafe and stone together. ohwell, next thurs, school would have return to the normal schedule for me already-.-


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