August 1, 2009, 9:16 am
Filed under: random

MSN is daaa best!!! seriously~~~
After a thousand and one months, im finally talking to marie again! feel so nice-y. like lao peng you chatting again~ so awesome.

ytdy is really shui, i was just rubbing my paper, then the table drop. SIAN. but i always rub leh, but the table never drop before. AND now then drop, during econs STAR in LT1 somemore, a million people are inside eh! EERRRYYEEEERRRRRRRR
wanted to do some work ytdy, but went to sleep in the end. today is someone’s big day, time to finish the card!! haha

i have a feeling i wont laugh out loud watching xi la ma ya xing myself.. ermmm. hahaha. watch together lah. then after watch the ekin cheng movie. hahahaha