September 19, 2009, 9:51 am
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packed my room yesterday before went out for movie. Took me quite some time to pack. i wanted to throw away all the math and econs papers because its rather useless, i doubt i will look at it anyway. espacially econs test and exams paper, it’s like just there collecting dust. I guess if Im an art student, i will be throwin all my tutorials every term because its useless. i study answers, not my tutorials. HAHAHA. then math was crazy a lot of my writing with no answers, all those revision papers and tutorials unmarked. throw away. then pack stuff needs loads of files, crazyyy, the bio was so messed up that i didnt bother to pack it anymore. HAHA

just to think that theres like near one month holiday before As come kinda sucks. too long a holiday i will lose my focus and play. to think that there’s GP As to do is doubly sucky, or maybe very sucky. Why do we have to be tested in english?

I couldn’t even take this prelims. because exams are rather spreaded out as compared to last time, where exams will end within three days. I just lose it after monday. keep using the comp,listening to indie, roam around the house, sleep,sleep,sleep, stone, sleep sleep sleep, watch mcdull, listen to indie again, daze, and stare at the books.
Im really amazed with people that can study for long hours, or stay in the room for very long to study. i can’t. my real attention span is only two hours, after that, my attention diffuses very quickly. hurhur. Thank God for prelim papers, I will puke if i have to read all those notes again. read until it turns yellow already still must read it.
But by God’s grace i actually survive prelims. i told God i cannot take it already, very sian. normally i waste the whole night, sleep early, then wake up early to study. and I could do that this week. it’s a feat. by God’s strength for sure:] thank you:3

i think after As, i will be more stupid than before. since i spend one month only learning how to stuff information in my brain. aiyoaiyo.

hahahaahahahahahaha. aiyar,9.30am already. i missed doraemon on tv:/