February 25, 2010, 4:06 pm
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This was the third time I’m calling the customer because i realise the information i gave to him was not sufficent again.
sian, customer service aint easy to me.
Hesistated to call him up because he totally will roll his eyes and scold me because i keep adding and changing information.
called him up again to told him the correct stuff plus apologise to him that i keep calling him up.

omggg, and he said
oh, doesn’t matter *laughs* i appreciate your call and clarification. thanks *smiley tone*

OMGGG. that totally made my day.
yesterday sucks.
two days ago was even worse.
But today, this person just said that to me, and that totally changed my mood:]


February 18, 2010, 10:21 pm
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work is nice when there’s an eyecandy:D

went for some volunteer orientation session today.
I thought it was ytdy pls, and i waited for some time, then i realise that maybe it was thursday-.-
I tried going to salon to cut my hair, but the salonS that i went to are closed because of CNY.
totally thanks man.
ohwell, yup, today’s orientation session.
I got distracted halfway because I’m way tired. Kept fidgeting.
But got a new found friend from there.
How about that man!
she’s way cooler than me. Not like i’m any cool.

One of my colleagues commented that I got the smart look.
In other words I look like a geek/nerd.

Listening to Calvin Harris, uber awesome. Einitar told me about him.
I listen to him all the time. Get me all hyped up. Hurhur.

I’m all excited for next week, i wonder why. hurhur:D

February 14, 2010, 11:00 am
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these days I’m listening to 張芸京.
omg, she’s so hot:D

totally went crazy pls.
she’s so uber pretty:D
can’t wait for the day to get tgt 
and spend time n hve fun:D

February 12, 2010, 3:35 pm
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When i chat with nicole, then i know how total bullshit i think. HAHA
so till the end, i don’t know what i want to do in university.

If i can go anywhere, i will go acc.
But if not, what happens? God knows.
Worse still, fail GP, kill me.

Constant fear to GP results because few days before As,
that teacher told me and christina to stop writing essays
because our expression in GP is getting worse and worse.

WOAH, that’s it. that totally started the day when my mind
went crazy. i was so scarced and everything went downhill.
mentally was feeling gross out, and the As went by.

well,so i might not be able to go anywhere.
where will i go. not like i really bother now.

i will start thinking more when march comes.

as for now.

MOSAIC festival and Singapore Arts Festival!
imogen heap coming town, but i think tickets are sold out.
SAF, i wanna watch something:D

I miss the M1 fringe because i was utterly broke in the month
of jan. now im still broke bcoz my first pay havent arrived:(

ohwell. hurhur

February 6, 2010, 10:23 am
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should i get an epilator? since the shaver and cream never works well for me:( But im uber scarced that I will get some infection or painful irritation for my first attempt! SIAN TTM.
anybody use epilator before? please tell me your first experience with it!!

Work isn’t good because most of the time i don’t really know how to answer the people’s qns, I don’t know why i choose customer service too. But i agree with gabby, it’s when the job is hard then we won’t take God for granted. And He totally blessed me with great stuff, like uber friendly colleagues, the physical strength so i don’t doze off in the afternoon, and ______. HA

And i totally love yesterday! Because i got to meet tammie in the morning:D
That was uber awesome!:D Although she’s gonna get another job and wouldn’t be in redhill area anymore, at least we did meet before she leave:D

There’s two transfers:D and i ask yingying to describe to me who they are so that i can get mentally prepared. HAHAHAHA. uber funny