February 12, 2010, 3:35 pm
Filed under: the calendar girl

When i chat with nicole, then i know how total bullshit i think. HAHA
so till the end, i don’t know what i want to do in university.

If i can go anywhere, i will go acc.
But if not, what happens? God knows.
Worse still, fail GP, kill me.

Constant fear to GP results because few days before As,
that teacher told me and christina to stop writing essays
because our expression in GP is getting worse and worse.

WOAH, that’s it. that totally started the day when my mind
went crazy. i was so scarced and everything went downhill.
mentally was feeling gross out, and the As went by.

well,so i might not be able to go anywhere.
where will i go. not like i really bother now.

i will start thinking more when march comes.

as for now.

MOSAIC festival and Singapore Arts Festival!
imogen heap coming town, but i think tickets are sold out.
SAF, i wanna watch something:D

I miss the M1 fringe because i was utterly broke in the month
of jan. now im still broke bcoz my first pay havent arrived:(

ohwell. hurhur


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