March 21, 2010, 9:38 am
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i totally love yesterday’s sermon because it was totally apt.

I think i slip into the elder brother’s syndrome without a hesitation or resistance.

I have become so uber critical that im indifferent about what’s happening already. like totally indifferent, I take it just like that, the intolerance in me was gone.

No wonder I felt nth when I was reading this book about intolerance when I was doing hope resource last week.

ohwell, time to change, before I turn into a lukewarm gross out person.

It is like a self-analysis teaching, makes you think, makes me evaluate for sure.

okay, today the flame is up again. Gotta remember to look out instead of inward looking.

feels more alive. nah, not only feel. I’m more alive.

okays, animal farm cost 39 bucks, should I watch?:) 39 bucks leh, can eat 19 plate of chicken rice, or 12plates of chicken rice plus sugarcane drink:( 
omgg, i still havent add the booking fee! animal farm cost 42 bucks leh:(


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