my saturday
March 28, 2010, 12:22 pm
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the lg watch is cool:D
personally, i love the pink one, because it looks as hip as the adidas pink watch. but my face looks weird with it, not my kinda colour, though its berry berry pretty.
the red black one is cool too, but i don’t have cool clothes to wear with the cool watch.
and i took the purple one, with white strap. hur. if only there’s a bling grey watch, i will take it with NO HESISTATION! hhahaa
the watch it like so uber cool please, can wear it along with the wristband  that aman bought from aussie (since both are white). cool pls!:D

i’m getting bored at home, i’m like just working and waiting for interview calls, and yupp that’s about it. nothing much to do. And also preparing to get a new passport since the current one gonna expire soon. OMGG, passport are so uber ex, it cost $84. I’m not there to make it somemore, so plus all those air delivery service, admin fee and whatnot, GOSH, it will be $100plyus loh:(


yesterday was going hope resource during second service, so i took the time to read two books:D first was this Timothy Keller who wrote the book called the prodigal God . It’s apt, because it feels like a prelude to last week’s sermon. 
As if  it is like last week sermon teach this parable, and this week i read about this parable. HAHA.
then wanted to read the reason for God, since it is the same author. BUT THEN, OMGG, eh, the book super thick.
so skip. then got some other book. skip skip skip skip. wanted to find the book that say don’t want to be a couch potato, play church that kinda thing or just go church for the sake of going and be a name sake christian blah, aiyo, i think someone bought the last book. HA. nvm. skip skip skip.
then came across this book about ME. something something something wrote by someone. u know,the book is equally thick, and so many chapters, but nvm just read, because i think i can read the first act before my duty ends.
ohmy, it is so nice:D it is like the prelude for the content of the sermon last week! or is it a prelogue? well, because last week sermon was so apt, it is like to wake up the me that is dormant ever since i left school. When i left school, it feels like i left my lg too. feels like a receiver than a giver.
the first act is about identity and value. that everyone is different and u don’t have to be that of like Her, or like the That Puiwah, or whatsoever.
then the second act was about flow with the spirit.
❤ that book. because it feels like the guy is talking to me. easy to digest what he says too. it cost $20.90. worth the investment? I read 65 pages in that two hours, that’s consider fast since it’s in english. HA.

one of the guys from don’t know which youth group came and said, new book huh?
it looks new to me and i never seen before, so i said yar, nice book, interesting.
and he was like yea~ THEN he started singing who am I -.- (because the book title is “me”, so it’s quite natural to think that the book will talk about identity)
I totally wanna ROFL.
then, he walked to the reception and bought the book.
WAH SO FAST! ZHE YANG JIU MAI LE. then im tempted to buy too, although the fact is I haven’t finish reading the book vincent lent me-.-


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