May 26, 2010, 9:57 am
Filed under: :3, the little wonders in life

I really diu fever, and recovered without eating panadol, how miraculous can that be. Awesome please.
It was a terrible night I must say, so hot and cold at the same time, I bet I was totally noisy but my parents didn’t say anything. so uber sweet.

Went to popular few days ago to use the ten bucks voucher on pens and papers. If only I can exchange the popular voucher to artfriend voucher, woah, i will fly.  OMG, come and think about it, can i use the voucher in urban write? If can right, I will use all the money to buy from urban write man. urban write is another paradise besides made with love.
WELL, and that’s totally not the point. the point was that when im going to popular, i saw the poster about BE A GOOD CREATIVE, nanyang academy of fine arts design and media degree show. And the one of the guest speakers is Chris Lee from Asylum, OMGGGG, i totally want to go please!!!!! It’s on 28/5 though._.

3more days to ID conference:]


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