September 4, 2010, 10:38 pm
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guess God really did plan who and when to put these people in my life…  different people throughout the week, to shed light and prepare me for the university life.

people who taught me to stand strong, to think and make choices, to spend some time with myself, to settle down and listen to the whispers once again.

i want to retain my spirit of excellence.

to love others just like how i would love who i really love.

a worship lifestyle.

include God in my decision making

and to apply what i just learn, to accomodate differences and bring out the best in others

authenticity vs acceptance – i hope my choice is not just a head decision.


July 25, 2010, 6:39 pm
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So dead gorgeous

April 18, 2010, 9:40 am
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I guess life is more endurable when i start counting my blessings. Life will definitely stop being so bad after 4june (come on, count downn with me!) but i don’t wanna be hindsight learner though. There’s must be a reason why i still got to stay till 4 june. without His grace, I would have quit, because it’s so hard to endure.

yesterday was like woah. i spend a long time listening to a song just trying to decipher what its talking about, in the end, i still didnt understand. uber lame ttm pls.

This whole week it feels like im reconnecting back to my secondary schools, gotta go out with shandy, sms-ing people, msn-ing others, and planned a date out with Ms Gay:D It’s a nice feeling, nostaglic maybe?:D

few days ago, someone cut the newspaper article and shared to everyone in the office. It was IDA streamlines Telecommunication Licences. And i asked what on earth streamlines telecommunication means, is that a device? HAHA, then Janice was like streamlines is the verb! HAHAHA. omg, life gets harder when english is so bad. I thought streamline telecommunication is a noun together. HAHA

being grateful is a kind of worship~

can’t help to think but, can’t wait for 4June to come!

February 18, 2010, 10:21 pm
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work is nice when there’s an eyecandy:D

went for some volunteer orientation session today.
I thought it was ytdy pls, and i waited for some time, then i realise that maybe it was thursday-.-
I tried going to salon to cut my hair, but the salonS that i went to are closed because of CNY.
totally thanks man.
ohwell, yup, today’s orientation session.
I got distracted halfway because I’m way tired. Kept fidgeting.
But got a new found friend from there.
How about that man!
she’s way cooler than me. Not like i’m any cool.

One of my colleagues commented that I got the smart look.
In other words I look like a geek/nerd.

Listening to Calvin Harris, uber awesome. Einitar told me about him.
I listen to him all the time. Get me all hyped up. Hurhur.

I’m all excited for next week, i wonder why. hurhur:D

February 12, 2010, 3:35 pm
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When i chat with nicole, then i know how total bullshit i think. HAHA
so till the end, i don’t know what i want to do in university.

If i can go anywhere, i will go acc.
But if not, what happens? God knows.
Worse still, fail GP, kill me.

Constant fear to GP results because few days before As,
that teacher told me and christina to stop writing essays
because our expression in GP is getting worse and worse.

WOAH, that’s it. that totally started the day when my mind
went crazy. i was so scarced and everything went downhill.
mentally was feeling gross out, and the As went by.

well,so i might not be able to go anywhere.
where will i go. not like i really bother now.

i will start thinking more when march comes.

as for now.

MOSAIC festival and Singapore Arts Festival!
imogen heap coming town, but i think tickets are sold out.
SAF, i wanna watch something:D

I miss the M1 fringe because i was utterly broke in the month
of jan. now im still broke bcoz my first pay havent arrived:(

ohwell. hurhur

whats in my head when i’m jobless
January 6, 2010, 9:22 pm
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so boring when im jobless. HAHA. ohmy, did the housework and read some stuff:D can’t be jobless for long, i hate the feeling of not doing anything..

Keep watching Mad tv and totally man, although its so old and passe, its still funny. all those spishak and abercrombie and fitch. some are rather crude, but that’s the funny part. HAHA what on earth.

And plus listening to music. addicted already. Reading this book and they say that u get addicted to something because it keep hitting your “pleasure” affects. Music totally hit it man. amazingly amazing:D

Went out with peizhi yesterday to jobhunt. Wasn’t successful, but ohwell its nice. Especially when we are talking about audrey hepburn. AND ONCE we talked about james dean, we think of james franco! they do look alike! no wonder the producers chose james franco to act in the biopic for james dean. HAHA i totally love to talk about these kinda stuff.

which is why talking to thet is uber nice. Just shoot some indie songs and listen to the songs, and it will kickstart a conversation. HAHA

can’t wait for this week to end, then next week to come, then tammie to go to jakarta, then come back, ANd we meet again:D feels like never meet for a million years already please.

ahh, akira flew away already. No one to hug  this saturday. hurhur.

July 18, 2009, 12:33 am
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OMG my father is coming for parents teacher meet?!?!!!!!!! zhao lai bu lai xian zai cai lai.

come on lah. lai for what? not as if she got much to say. IF she got much to say, not as if what she say will be some magic potion that makes me clever. it’s like wasting time please. lets just all go home and watch the food show.


today i have delicious food. sushi, vegeterian food without vegeterian meat, and home cooked soup that has salmon vege and pork. woah.
but yesterday was better.
century egg minced pork porridge. woohoooooo

i wanted to watch the fat girl and friends show, but my mum went into my room and started sewing, then nobody watch with me. so sian please. but the fat girl and friends show feels so draggggyyyyy.