July 4, 2010, 12:34 pm
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and now it’s 4july, byebye to my tg, welcome to nothing. I thought i will know where we are going, in the end, they never announced, and i just looked at Akira and ._. and she ._. me back. HAHA. we were anticipating it for uber long, then i realise that i got the date wrong.

Can’t cancel out the high possiblity that i will start running back to tg, gosh, i hate that, bcoz i kept running back to my cg when i was in tpjc. Which is like really unhealthy bcoz i got so used to it. 😦  So the backup plan is to ignore, which is like not really good also:( aiyo.

ytdy I just realise A BIG FAILURE of us that we forgot to celebrate someone’s bday and siqin asked aman, and she said the bday passed alr. OMGGGG. BDAY PASSED ALR LEH, AND NVR EVEN HAPPY BDAY, omgg, i feel so baddd 😦 😦 we totally needa do smth tgt.

I never realised until ytdy when jiehui mentioned this sch works differently from other schools bcoz of the size of the group. And then it hits me how privileged i am to be in SMUcg for three months. HOMERUN!

It’s like a once-in-a-tertiary-time  experience please.

It’s like how awesome it is that people go overseas for exchange trip, i feel like im in this cg for an exchange trip, but a million times betta for sure. 
It will be so different in NTUcg for sure, a brand new dynamics.  And what there was in SMUcg cant be found anywhere else bcoz its so unique:D

Thank God for this three months. Feels really grateful to be here. and did definitely help the transition from youth to tertiary, so much that it doesn’t feel like there’s much a transition now. It just feels like I’m just moving home, from central area to the west area.  It feels comfortabe:)

Cleaned my BIG table on fri before gg off for eclipse, omg, it was so dusty i thought i might get an asthma relapse. thank God for GIF, makes cleaning a lot more pleasurable bcoz there’s the lemon smell. HA. Watching eclipse was good because after that, i get to sit at the front seat of shiwei’s car with NIGHT scene, that’s like even better than shopping in muji and more than words.

oh, and radio is playing california gurls now. HAHAHAHA. Fine, fresh, fierce, we got it locked~

yup, and it’s 4july, happy bday to akira’s wallpaper guy. i thought she was excited bcoz it’s america’s independent day, chey, it wasn’t!._.


May 26, 2010, 9:57 am
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I really diu fever, and recovered without eating panadol, how miraculous can that be. Awesome please.
It was a terrible night I must say, so hot and cold at the same time, I bet I was totally noisy but my parents didn’t say anything. so uber sweet.

Went to popular few days ago to use the ten bucks voucher on pens and papers. If only I can exchange the popular voucher to artfriend voucher, woah, i will fly.  OMG, come and think about it, can i use the voucher in urban write? If can right, I will use all the money to buy from urban write man. urban write is another paradise besides made with love.
WELL, and that’s totally not the point. the point was that when im going to popular, i saw the poster about BE A GOOD CREATIVE, nanyang academy of fine arts design and media degree show. And the one of the guest speakers is Chris Lee from Asylum, OMGGGG, i totally want to go please!!!!! It’s on 28/5 though._.

3more days to ID conference:]

December 13, 2009, 2:33 pm
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I haven’t blog for so long that i forgot where’s the button to type a new blogpost. HAHA.
Christmas is coming, means that i need to get a pressie for mummy and x’mas cards. Went to made with love and accidently swing to hard that i broke the cap of a colorwash. goodness gracious. colorwash eh. Sian. got to buy it of course, wanted to just ignore it because there are other bottles that don’t have a cap too (i assume other people broke it accidently as well. HAHA), but i feel really bad. So yup, bought it.
It’s lettuce in colour. omg. HAHA. hope it comes in handy for christmas, cost around 12bucks. I don’t know why is it that costly, but i presume it’s acidfree that’s why. HAHA. I tried spraying it on paper, but im not good in handling spraypaint dyes. oh, someone please help me! haha.

Don’t really like working. Mummy thought i am over-reacting and should just chillax. So she got me macdonald’s breakfast almost everyday:3 so sweet. Just for three days, i can memorise that freaking long survey in my head and give the standard answers for it. the survey is uber long and i’m uber sick of it. it’s like cheap labour, i feel cheated:( oh whatever. come on, pass me the bucks soon and i will fly to HK and buy those Tshirts that i always wanted to wear in my life, and pass some bucks to my mummy so we won’t be that tight in finance.

Just yesterday,she passed me 20 bucks and i feel really sad:/ I feel like a leech at home.

Watching three rivers and true blood on youtube. OMG, so nice. kate moennig is the main reason to watch three rivers. she’s reaching 30, but she’s still so hot. She still have the andro look. HAHA. As for true blood, what other reasons can there be to watch this besides for anna paquin?:3 but she’s engaged to that 40 yearold guy, omg. HAHA.

TML is CAMP:3 excited excited! one of the precamp preparation is not to feel to lao jiao about it. the syndrome comes frequently. which is BAD! yups. we are sleeping in classroom, loves it, easier to htht. HAHAHA.

and TML, you guys who’s sleeping in the same class room as me will have the privilege to hear me singing breakout and tic toc! haha breakout for night and tic toc to get high. AINT THAT GREAT?

June 24, 2009, 11:22 pm
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Met T today at bugis Mos and the feeling was great.
Didnt do much, didnt want to do or say much either.
I just loved her presence around and didn’t wanna spoil it with all the talking, the ranting, or nostalgic htht. 
that’s all.
It just totally brighten up the whole of the week, or actually, the hols.

June 5, 2009, 11:01 pm
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i spent three days of excessively being moody about stuff. man,that’s bad,i don’t wanna pull long face when i meet people. I didnt go out on thurs and tue, that was a super bad idea bcoz the whole day i didnt do anything except sit at home and have the lets-all-cry-and-die feeling. ohwell, hormones disorder maybe. HAHAHAHAHAHA. i wonder how God can tolerate the perculiar side of me, it’s a  pathetic sight for sure.

today’s district meet was nice. went to weien’s house and flip french toast. weien vincent and me. okay,i feel like i’m a guy too. hahaha  And all i do is flip flip flip flip flip flip flip flip flip. I don’t know why, but it’s fun, the oil container felt like it’s melting.
then took the train and saw that awefully beautiful card made for karen. It’s super sweet and beautiful, woah woah woah, and chen ji grab a few tips from kim. I wanna go these nice, well-elaborated cards too!!!!!!!!! okay yar, hur. then got kids, so cannot sit anymore. hahaha. i shouldnt have sit in the first place, bcoz everytime i sit the train, three quarter the time there must be kids coming into the train, and needa stand up to let them sit, if not with their petite body they will fall, hit the pole, bleed and die (no sacrasm seriously). so small, they look like they will break anytime.
at west coast park, woohoo siqi came, and we got split into groups, woohoo same group with jinger. it’s like a xujiu time please, it’s like a million years since i talked to her, and always talk to akira, and omg where on earth is lauren today? ruying aint here too. ohman, if only i still have my msn, then i wouldnt feel that i am totally disconnected with hannah and marie.

AND everyone im pid-ing is coming tml!!! im so happy, MUJIFIED:3

oh, and guess what my dad cooked today. it’s the food that the three bears (are they called three bears, i dont read storybooks, so i dont really know who are they, i only know how they look like) ate.
it’s oatmeal porridge.

i’m watching the design A-Z in channelnewsasia every tuesday these weeks, it’s awesome yo. then the documentary of the week in CNA last last week was good to watch too, about fame and stuff, and they asked a member from the tang quartet, he looked animated. hahahaha.

May 8, 2009, 3:49 pm
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ytdy was like some bday thingy in vincent’s house, and it feels so great:3 feels very warmy, besides the time when i open my mouth to say affirmation because i dont really know how to affirm people verbally, it’s just simple and nice. Wish that these times can mutliple to many many of it then J2 life would be the best year till now:]

March 26, 2009, 11:19 am
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DENISE! yeap, there was the superheroes exhibition. nic and i went there like at 5pm, so it was like 1hour before it closed can. AHAHA. but then on the month of april or may, there’s another exhibition on movie stars i think, SO COOL, if only we can go to the museum then, but by that time, i change my shepherd already. HAHA. I bet there must be a stamp with marilyn monroe or james dean. heh

exams, ohman..
GP  😦
maths 😦
chemistry 🙂
bio 😦
econs :/ -> it would have been 🙂 if i didnt mixed up those price elasicity and total revenue graph as well as reading ugly chinaman’s email before the exam.

went to watch chun li with chris and sandu. there’s only like four things in my mind:
1. very scarced the cracking limbs sound
2. very sleepy
3. why didn’t i freaking write faster and finish my bio paper
4. when is the movie ending

My house got this freaky one jar of disgusting bee pollen that cost DISGUSTINGLY expensive from thailand. but none of us wanna eat it because it taste uber yeww. BUT my dad said they bought it for me, bcoz it’s good for people with sinus. (whatever can. yew. my dad dont even eat it, i bet he knows it’s uber super duper whooper disgusting) THEN this year my mum went to buy high class expensive creamy honey and it tasted nice, so we mixed the honey with disgusting pollen and eat it yew. so one day,
me : where’s the pollen neh?
she took it from the freezer
mummy: take some honey for me too
me: …
THEN from the cupboard she took a china spoon out
me: yew you wanna eat so much pollen meh (i was holding the small plastic teaspoon)
mummy: no, this spoon is for you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
so jian can. eat so much pollen i will die after tongue rotten-ing.  yucks

then another time, we were watching this tv variety show about some father at home thing:
me: yew, why the mother wear until so exposed, not as if she suits this type of stuff that shows the whole cleavage 
mummy: yar
then the show showed the family’s kids
me: wah they chao dark when the mother is chao pale. the girl quite pretty, heh. but the boy, yew, looks weird, don’t look like siblings neh.
mummy: bcoz the girl looks like father, boy looks like mother mah

these days my daddy changed his driving route to bring me to school. and WOOHOO we always passed by the long tunnel before we reach the expressway SO EXCITING! my favourite tunnel can. but if they can change the white light to yellow light then there would be more FEEL-ING. HAHAHAHAHA