January 17, 2010, 10:21 am
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And then one week passed, it’s sunday, and depressed jobless person is still depressingly jobless. HAHA

OMG freaking bored,haha, and i do is to clean the house. Like some housewife:( yew


whats in my head when i’m jobless
January 6, 2010, 9:22 pm
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so boring when im jobless. HAHA. ohmy, did the housework and read some stuff:D can’t be jobless for long, i hate the feeling of not doing anything..

Keep watching Mad tv and totally man, although its so old and passe, its still funny. all those spishak and abercrombie and fitch. some are rather crude, but that’s the funny part. HAHA what on earth.

And plus listening to music. addicted already. Reading this book and they say that u get addicted to something because it keep hitting your “pleasure” affects. Music totally hit it man. amazingly amazing:D

Went out with peizhi yesterday to jobhunt. Wasn’t successful, but ohwell its nice. Especially when we are talking about audrey hepburn. AND ONCE we talked about james dean, we think of james franco! they do look alike! no wonder the producers chose james franco to act in the biopic for james dean. HAHA i totally love to talk about these kinda stuff.

which is why talking to thet is uber nice. Just shoot some indie songs and listen to the songs, and it will kickstart a conversation. HAHA

can’t wait for this week to end, then next week to come, then tammie to go to jakarta, then come back, ANd we meet again:D feels like never meet for a million years already please.

ahh, akira flew away already. No one to hug  this saturday. hurhur.

January 3, 2010, 3:26 pm
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mummy just talked about why not try going to physiotherapy diploma. aiyo, i dont even want nursing, why on earth would i want physiotherapy. she kinda hinted that i might not get into accounting, like how she hinted that i couldnt go AJC for sure when i was in sec4.