July 18, 2009, 12:33 am
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OMG my father is coming for parents teacher meet?!?!!!!!!! zhao lai bu lai xian zai cai lai.

come on lah. lai for what? not as if she got much to say. IF she got much to say, not as if what she say will be some magic potion that makes me clever. it’s like wasting time please. lets just all go home and watch the food show.


today i have delicious food. sushi, vegeterian food without vegeterian meat, and home cooked soup that has salmon vege and pork. woah.
but yesterday was better.
century egg minced pork porridge. woohoooooo

i wanted to watch the fat girl and friends show, but my mum went into my room and started sewing, then nobody watch with me. so sian please. but the fat girl and friends show feels so draggggyyyyy.


July 7, 2009, 9:09 pm
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i always thought chemistry mcqs are very sly and jian. that’s what i learn in sec sch. they give the wat-majority-will-take type of answer but actually the ans is smth else.
So i chose B in one of the qn, bcoz i thought it was a trick qn.
and it turned out to be a normal easy qn, with normal calculation, no extra thinking required. just punch the numbers, press enter, and shade C.
-.- man, how could these be. the days of tricky qns are gone, when i get tricked but tricky qns.
Now, im tricked by non tricky qns. oxymoron or what?

July 6, 2009, 10:55 am
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this week was totally sleeping week for me.
wed after transformers, went home and sleep
thurs omg what did i do? but i know i slept at 9smth at night
friday left half way during coporate prayer meet. reach home at 9smth, slept at 10. zzz
sat write cards, then go for service. left town to eat w parents. they ate Vegetarian stuff, i ate chicken wing (YES!), went home at 9smth ate kindlejoy, wrote bday card slept at 11pm
sunday continue writing and sewing the card, reach bouna at 9.30am, celebrate jo’s bday, went home ate maggie mee, sleep, woke up eat steamboat, watch tomcruise, sleep at 10pm.
monday TODAY.

i sleep and eat like a pig. as the tummy increases its size, the chances of getting married is less:/ man. that’s a pretty sad truth.
and because i sleep a lot, i got very short attention span. i guess there’s a relation. i missed watching absolute on fri night, wo chai on sat-.- before i slept at sunday, mummy said that there’s stephan fung on tv nxt sat at 10.30pm. omg that’s late, i think i’ll zzz even before i could watch it. but hey, she still rmb i like stephan fung. that’s good. i thought she’s getting dementia, bcoz she kept forgetting things very easily, and im very very scarced she will get it:( dementia is the one that you forget things right? or is that parkinson’s disease. omg, whats parkinson’s disease anyway? i only know whats stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure.

saturday went to eat with parents, so didnt go minds cafe with the rest. daddy told me to buy lamp chop. i told him i dont like lamb chop
me: i dont eat lamb chop. what are you eating?
omg, i can’t believe he did that. he just give me the i-know-u-dont-eat-vegetarian-food-here-so-u-just-buy-lampchop face. and he close his eyes, suck in the air, that let it out and pulled the word at the same time, SOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.
erm. okay. hahahahha.
i think because i slept alot these days, so i have the ability to talk non stop once i open my mouth. so he got irritated during the dinner. man, he also talk a lot when i ask him qn what. I asked him what is the tiananmen sq about and he talked for near 45minutes.i was expecting a clear cut one sentence answer okay.

went to mykii for jo’s bday. She’s twenty this year. woah, old. hahaha. nicole is nineteen this year. woah, old. im only seventeen,hahahaha.

July 1, 2009, 8:10 pm
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exams are over by wednesday. man, went out of the hall feeling so exhausted. and seriously didnt like ytdy, bcoz it was really bad. But i went out with chris right after chem paper, so i didnt think that much, yea, seriously thank God.
Went to watch transformers, zzzz. Fox is hot, love the songs new divide and never say never. Sound effects arent that awesome, screen small, dont like that green day song (is it called 21guns? ermmm), movie overly long, i get so distracted so easily. i bet chris wanted to kill me bcoz i kept making comments, man, this kinda movie that dont get me to the edge of my seat, i just gotta talk to make me stay alive and hyped up to watch movie.
daddy is right, some people these days, arent for the movie theatre any more. I so gotta agree.

Wanted to get a nap, but i couldn’t sleep. ohwell, went to watch Anna SUI, Dominique Sirop and Shanghai Tang fashion shows. Man, i totally love the pure asian models. they are just simply beautiful. Don’t know what makes them attractive, but they are just attractive. i’m not attractive. whoo….

heard that monday is youth day. does that mean holiday? hurhurhurhur

akira say that her exams end next thurs-.- man, mine ended today. I wanted to eat popeye together, or maybe just sit at some cafe and stone together. ohwell, next thurs, school would have return to the normal schedule for me already-.-