saving grace
December 30, 2009, 10:06 am
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In this time,
I know I need to be more broken,
Then I find,
I feel this passion grow,
To face all that’s been lost,
It’s not to late to give control now,
I don’t know why I wait,
You’re always calling me
– Tonight, Jeremy camp

Just use the hard approach to me. That’s the fastest method.


Guard my heart
December 25, 2009, 11:22 am
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My heart is deceitful, it’s really true. I guess these months i have been having like some brain problem and stuff. I go to church like they owe me something, like a consumer, demanding for something. Maybe that’s why i keep chaobin-ing this whole year. like everyone ought to be happy and humourous around me, whether is it in school, in church, at home and blah.
If i do things out of love, not for love, i will be happier this year. Less chao bin, since i chao bin almost everyday. I chao bin two days ago because the people in front of me walk super slowly in bugis.
sigh, i gotta change before that gets worse.
And that it wouldn’t stay in my mind that im doing something FOR church, or church doing something FOR me. So how should i be thinking?
actually im not sure. HAHA. But thank God for the realisation:] better late than never

December 23, 2009, 7:43 pm
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christmas is coming:D im uber excited:D cant wait cant wait<3

December 13, 2009, 2:33 pm
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I haven’t blog for so long that i forgot where’s the button to type a new blogpost. HAHA.
Christmas is coming, means that i need to get a pressie for mummy and x’mas cards. Went to made with love and accidently swing to hard that i broke the cap of a colorwash. goodness gracious. colorwash eh. Sian. got to buy it of course, wanted to just ignore it because there are other bottles that don’t have a cap too (i assume other people broke it accidently as well. HAHA), but i feel really bad. So yup, bought it.
It’s lettuce in colour. omg. HAHA. hope it comes in handy for christmas, cost around 12bucks. I don’t know why is it that costly, but i presume it’s acidfree that’s why. HAHA. I tried spraying it on paper, but im not good in handling spraypaint dyes. oh, someone please help me! haha.

Don’t really like working. Mummy thought i am over-reacting and should just chillax. So she got me macdonald’s breakfast almost everyday:3 so sweet. Just for three days, i can memorise that freaking long survey in my head and give the standard answers for it. the survey is uber long and i’m uber sick of it. it’s like cheap labour, i feel cheated:( oh whatever. come on, pass me the bucks soon and i will fly to HK and buy those Tshirts that i always wanted to wear in my life, and pass some bucks to my mummy so we won’t be that tight in finance.

Just yesterday,she passed me 20 bucks and i feel really sad:/ I feel like a leech at home.

Watching three rivers and true blood on youtube. OMG, so nice. kate moennig is the main reason to watch three rivers. she’s reaching 30, but she’s still so hot. She still have the andro look. HAHA. As for true blood, what other reasons can there be to watch this besides for anna paquin?:3 but she’s engaged to that 40 yearold guy, omg. HAHA.

TML is CAMP:3 excited excited! one of the precamp preparation is not to feel to lao jiao about it. the syndrome comes frequently. which is BAD! yups. we are sleeping in classroom, loves it, easier to htht. HAHAHA.

and TML, you guys who’s sleeping in the same class room as me will have the privilege to hear me singing breakout and tic toc! haha breakout for night and tic toc to get high. AINT THAT GREAT?